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Mail Order Sissy Bride - Part 1 Chanel Ashby

Mail Order Sissy Bride - Part 1

Chanel Ashby

Kindle Edition
63 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Monty Taylor always knew that his ex-wife Rosemary was out of his league. He was a skinny, nerdy loser and she was drop-dead beautiful. It’s no mystery why she divorced him. At least that’s what he keeps telling himself as he watches his ex get it on with the gorgeous stud that replaced him. Monty has always known that he was different and the fantasies that he has about his big, black Alpha boss confirms it. Between his obsession with Rosemary and his closeted lust for Mr. Church, he knows he’s taking far too many chances. Stealing money from the Russian gangsters was supposed to be the least of his worries. It was easy, untraceable and Monty’s only way out, that was until the blonde man with the tattoos showed up at his apartment with a gun anyway.In a matter of minutes, the gangster knows all of Monty’s secrets, that he has a bad habit of wearing sexy lingerie and that he’s still a virgin, at least in in the only way that the Russian is interested in anyway. The man makes Monty a deal that he can’t refuse, Monty will be a mail order bride for the highest bidder. Monty is quickly transformed into a dirty blonde who can still wear white for her wedding night and once the transaction is complete, he finds himself in the back of a limousine with his new husband, Mr. Ebert. Mr. Ebert is not only rich and powerful, he’s tall and handsome, the black Alpha of his dreams.On their wedding night, Monty is quickly renamed and he succumbs to all of his new husband’s desires, finally admitting that it’s what he’s longed for all along. “Monica” might be a virgin but she can’t get enough of her husband and soon finds that she’s begging for it, hard, deep and unprotected. There are rules, however, Mr. Ebert is a strict Master and sissy training can be very hard, only in the best of ways.Warning: Mail Order Sissy Bride contains adult content and graphic sex. This story ends with a cliffhanger and will be continued at a later date. This story contains sissy themes, feminization, cuckolding, interracial sex, MM, first time anal, chastity, dildo training, D/s and humiliation.