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Frankie in Paris Shauna McGuiness

Frankie in Paris

Shauna McGuiness

Published December 17th 2012
Kindle Edition
191 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

If you think this book is about telekinesis then your completely wrong!!!I made the mistake of assuming that there was an interesting story about a girl going to Paris and using or discovering her power. but.... no this is a book about a girl complaining about her trip to Paris with her stupidly insane grandma who keeps doing stupid things as if she was a 7 year old. There is no romance just a love sick girl missing her clingy bf who almost goes to France over a stupid phone message. There is no action, little to no comedy, no suspense, to much predictability, and nothing interesting considering she could move things with her mind. she got overly tired by lifting a penny....seriously a friggin penny!!! she gets lost to often in France and shes afraid of everything...heights, getting lost, losing her grandma, spending money, people staring at her and every guy who looks at her. I love YA books and fantasy novels but sheet...this is about a whiney girl on a week vacation to France which is going to hell due to her insane grandma. if she left out the powers it would be the perfect chick lit BS. Good thing this was free cause if I had to pay money for this I would jump off the Eiffel Tower. Only reason it gets 2 stars is because it was written well and I didnt see many editing issues.