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Falling For A Wolf: Part 1 Mac Flynn

Falling For A Wolf: Part 1

Mac Flynn

Kindle Edition
62 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Christina Chrissy Monet aspired for something more than the life of a simple blog columnist. Her wishes come true when an old wooded property comes up for sale, and she pours her life-savings into the fixer-upper. The property comes with the added bonus of a handsome neighbor by the name of Adam Smith, but sparks fizzle rather than sizzle when she realizes he owns half the property she hoped to have. They part ways with biting remarks on her part, but she finds her carpentry skills arent up to the task and shes forced into a relationship with the mysterious Smith. Strange happenings occur and shes left wondering whether Smith has more up his sleeve than muscle.Falling For A Wolf #1 is the first book in the FALLING FOR THE WOLF series.