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No Time to Die Ron Lamontagne

No Time to Die

Ron Lamontagne

Published January 12th 2009
ISBN : 9781607036395
48 pages
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 About the Book 

aTruly a book for these perilous times and a real wake-up call for all Christians.a aHere is a book you will want to keep bedside so you can reference it often.a aYou will want to buy one for yourself, another for your pastor, one for your doctor, and one for your best friend.a aSalvation is for everyone who follows the rules, and in No Time to Die, those rules are made crystal clear in Christas own words.a Ron LaMontagne was diagnosed with cancer in late August 2000. His doctors recommended the removal of a large tumor on the right kidney, and radiation therapy to remove a large mass on the left lung. He declined all treatment and was given four months to live. He received the last sacraments of the Catholic Church in mid-December and prepared for the end. The end never came. The cancer has spread to a small mass in the lower colon and into the prostate, and he remains adamant that no treatment will be performed, choosing instead to use the acrossa of cancer as his ticket to the heaven promised in holy scripture. Ron used the extra time given him to study scripture and discovered that Christ had quite a lot to say about salvation, but no one ever hears about it in church. Read what he discovered and judge for yourself the importance of the message he brings.