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So Good Inside: 3 Book Mega Bundle Lynda McMasters

So Good Inside: 3 Book Mega Bundle

Lynda McMasters

Kindle Edition
33 pages
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 About the Book 

”I love feeling cock deep inside me. And when it’s a total stranger, that adds the danger I crave!I used to be rich. I used to have it all. Now I use my sexy body for money and thrills, and I don’t care who knows..”My sexy bundle of 3 erotic and explicit tales will take you right into the action, putting you into the mind of a Rich Babe who is down on her luck, as she fucks her way through her amazing life.These tales contain scenes of explicit sex, cumshots, creampies, anal sex, double entry and multiples. They are ONLY for broadminded adultsContaining:* Gloryhole!Turning men on over the internet is one thing, now this new man wants to take things further. Much further..Excerpt“Another cock was there at the hole and I turned around to see. I watched as a very thick, fat cock slid into view.This one was a real handful!I wrapped my fingers around the massive member and started slowly stroking it just inches from my face. Jim had talked to me online about cumming on my tits and I didn’t want to disappoint him with this new cock… “* In-Car EntertainmentFucking total strangers in the car. Our heroine knows no shame nor any sense of stranger danger. A cum filled climax awaits and fulfils your every fantasyExcerpt“I leaned my head back in joy and opened my eyes.‘Oh my God’ I cried. There were two pairs of eyes watching me from outside the car. 2 men had appeared and were watching the action. They both had their cocks in their hands, and both were very excited to see what was going on…”* Dance for Me, BitchA sexy, fuck filled story of private dancing and what happens when they go all the way. Well, the money is too good not to fuck these guys…Excerpt“He took my head in his hands and held me away from his cock, looking at me eye to eye.“What next?” he said breathlessly. “What will you do next?”I stood, silently. Turning away from him I lifted my bra over my head, my nipples already hard and begging to be played with. Bending over I pulled my panties over my hips, presenting my bare ass to him. I looked over my shoulder, staring into his eyes…”Warning! This bundle contains over 10,000 words of steamy sex, hot partners and cum filled adventures between a girl desperate for money and the guys that she meets on the way. With very explicit language and scenes of a highly sexual nature, these bestsellers are for mature audiences only!